Who says we can't share?

This page will serve as a collection of resources for myself and others to use freely. Use the notes at your own risk, no promises that they're error-free or comprehensible to anyone but myself. 😀


Some software I've helped develop.

Social Media Stuff

Research that focuses on various aspects of social media. For the most part, misinformation, disinformation, social bots, bot detection, and similarly related topics.

Random Course Readings

These links are to notes on various literature encountered through my Ph.D. program at IU.

Complex Systems

This is a collection of single slide summaries that I (or others) presented for i709 Complex Systems on various topics.
You'll also find longer-form powerpoint presentations from when I was responsible for leading a presentation with another student.


Some helpful links to student funding resources.


Other random things that might be useful in the future.