Generally, I am interested in areas of computational social science research that are related to social media. As a current Ph.D. student at Indiana University in Bloomington, I will be studying how mis/dis-information spreads on social media platforms in hopes of reducing the negative impact it has on society. Below are a couple of projects that I am currently working on...

Liberal and Conservative Correction of False Rumors

Working with Drs. Joshua Tucker and John Jost at New York University on my masters thesis research, we investigate the potential for liberals and conservatives to spread false rumors on Twitter after a correction. This project observes tweeting behavior around Jeffrey Epstein's suicide and the false rumors that he was murdered by the Trump or Clinton family. This research is conducted in partnership with the Center for Social Media and Politics.

Identifying Superspreaders of Misinformation

Working in Dr. Filippo Menczer's research lab (NaN) at Indiana University Bloomington, I am developing an algorithm to identify superspreaders of misinformation on Twitter. The techniques employed draw on concepts of contact tracing and the rapid spread of a contagion in a social network.