The spreading of misinformation online


The spreading of misinformation onlineMajor Findings Intro and Lit ReviewMethodsData CollectionPreliminaries and DefinitonsResults and DiscussionAnatomy of CascadesHomogenous ClustersThe Percolation Model

Major Findings


Intro and Lit Review




Data Collection

Preliminaries and Definitons

where is the fraction of "likes" a user gives to conspiracy-related content; hence, .


With user polarization they define the edge homogeneity, for any edge , between nodes and , as ...



Results and Discussion

Anatomy of Cascades



Homogenous Clusters



Notice that, although viral patterns related to distinct contents differ, homogeneity is clearly the driver of information diffusion. In other words, different contents generate different echo chambers, characterized by a high level of homogeneity inside them.


The Percolation Model




Notes by Matthew R. DeVerna