Matthew R. DeVerna

About Matt

Matt is an Informatics PhD candidate at Indiana University (IU) in the complex networks and systems track. He works primarily in Dr. Filippo Menczer's research group, Networks and agents Networks, and with the Observatory on Social Media. He is broadly interested in computational social science with a focus on digital platform dynamics, the spread of information online, and curbing the spread of misinformation.

Matt's research at IU has focused on tackling challenges that arise within social media platforms and contemporary information ecosystems, such as:

  • identifying and understanding influential spreaders of low-credibility content
  • assessing misinformation's impact on vaccine hesitancy and disease spread
  • interrogating prior-held assumptions of information diffusion on social media
  • exploring misinformation interventions, such as LLM-powered fact-checking

This research, as well as some of his software developments, have been covered by outlets like the Associated Press, Axios, and the New York Times Magazine.

In the future, Matt hopes to dig deeper into these problems as well as the opportunities and challenges created by generative AI. You can learn about his ongoing projects below.


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Ongoing projects

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Contact me

I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in:

  • talking about my research
  • collaborating on a project
  • speaking to me about really anything at all 😎
I will be most accessible via email — mdeverna[insert '@']iu[insert period]edu — but you can also feel free to message me on Twitter/X or any of my social media accounts.