Matthew R. DeVerna

yup: @mrd

About Matt

Matt is an Informatics PhD candidate at Indiana University studying complex networks and systems. Currently, he works in Dr. Filippo Menczer's research group, Networks and agents Networks, and with the Observatory on Social Media. He is broadly interested in computational social science with a focus on social media dynamics, the spread of information online, and curbing the spread of misinformation.


† equal contribution

Peer-reviewed publications

Circulated working papers

Preprint papers, not yet peer-reviewed.

Ongoing projects

Various stuff in the works.


Contact me

I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in:

  • talking about my research
  • collaborating on a project
  • speaking to me about really anything at all 😎
I will be most accessible via email — mdeverna[insert '@']iu[insert period]edu — but you can also feel free to message me on Twitter/X or any of my social media accounts.